Cleaning of DPF filters

We offer the most modern technology for the regeneration of particulate filters DPF / FAP / SCR / CAT in passenger cars, trucks, buses as well as construction, agricultural and industrial machines.

Our cleaning method guarantees removal of 99% of contamination from soot, ash, engine oil and refrigerant fluid, and remains safe for the core filter element itself.

  • We do not cut, burn, or cut
  • We restore filters to factory parameters
  • 100% efficiency
  • 12-month  warranty without limit of kilometers
  • Service completed within 1h
  • We clean the filters provided to us while you wait
  • Disassembled filters can be sent to us by courier, we will send them back the same day at no additional cost
  • We provide disassembly services and assembly of filters on our website
  • The cleaning results are printed and attached together with the warranty card for each filter

Did you know that...

A contaminated filter can even lead to engine damage?

A clean filter means lower maintenance costs, fuel savings, increased efficiency and the power of the car!

Did you know that...

The  previous  method of cutting DPF filters entailed considerable costs, as well as the loss of the type approval. According to the current regulations, a car with a cut-out DPF shall not be approved for road traffic. Both cutting and burning of particulate filters are completely ineffective. They lead to a disturbance of the structure and damage to the monolith and, at the same time, do not remove accumulated ash from the inside of the filter.

  • Regeneration of filters takes place on the most modern machine of this type in the world
  • In Poznań and the surrounding area, we offer free collection and delivery of filters
  • We offer favorable discounts to regular customers
  • Special offer for workshops and car services
Cleaning of DPF filters

Our cleaning process

In the first stage, using an endoscopic camera, the filter is checked for mechanical damage. In case of detecting  cracks, melted ceramic inserts or visible traces of mechanical interference in the DPF, it will not be possible to regenerate the filter. In such case, we will not charge a fee for the inspection

completely safe for the catalytic coating
the highest cleaning efficiency and the recovery of channel capacity
the filter housing is not cut or modified
the device has the best degree of water filtration
we do not clog the PDF filters of the latest design

We use environmentally friendly detergents that are safe for the catalytic filter cartridge. The whole process takes place in a closed circuit, thanks to the largest filtration system on the market, it is safe for the natural environment and does not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere.

The first stage consists in assembling the filter in the device to examine the backpressure
The second stage is the water cleaning procedure
The last stage consists in drying at a temperature above 120 degrees

1. The first stage consists in assembling the filter in the device to examine the backpressure.

After tightly sealing the filter in the machine, a back pressure and air flow velocity through the filter are tested. A special cleaning agent is injected into the filter at the next stage. Our detergent is a product of one of the largest producers of chemicals in Europe. The detergent helps dissolve filter dirt and also protects its structure.

2. The second stage consists in washing the filters.

Washing is carried out in 3 stages. The first step involves cleaning against the direction of the flow.
The filter is cleaned in appropriate water filling and flow sequences as well as blasts of compressed air.
Washing takes place at 70 degrees.
Our device is the only one on the market that has programs properly selected for each filter size that guarantee proper filling with water and detergent as well as compressed air.
Thanks to the additional air tank and the ability to regulate the pressure as well as properly selected valves, we guarantee that every filter is cleaned in the best possible way.
Depending on the design of the cleaned filter, we select the parameters of the cleaning process in a proper way.
The advantage of our machine lies in the ability to decide on the impact force which guarantees cleaning and, most importantly, the safety of the filter sent to us.
The final stage of washing consists in cleaning again in the opposite direction to the direction of the exhaust gas.
At each stage of cleaning, we analyze impurities coming out of the filter, thanks to which we can determine the reason for pollution and decide on the duration of the entire process.

3. The final stage is drying.

After blowing out the water remaining in the filter, an additional air heater is activated.
Our device is the only one on the market with a drying temperature above 120 degrees.
After complete  drying,  the heater is switched off and the filter is cooled down by the blower.
After completing the cleaning process, we test back pressure and flow rate. A report is printed and attached to the filter
If the pressure and speed parameters are unsatisfactory, we return to the beginning of the washing process.

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