Cleaning particulate filters DPF/FAP/SCR/KAT


About us

We have many years of experience in the automotive industry. We have been manufacturing exhaust systems for all types of vehicles for over 10 years.

As a company, we also have many successes on the motorsport market, where – in addition to components – we build entire vehicles


Total DPF wspiera sport!

Nasza firma regularnie wspiera i sponsoruje wydarzenia sportowe, czego następstwem są liczne nagrody i zwycięstwa.
Auto w roku 2021 wywalczyło wicemistrza Polski w klasie Open 2wd RSMP (Rajdowe Samochodowe Mistrzostwa Polski).

This Innovative machine is constructed based on our long experience

From the very idea, through the project to the implementation - everything takes place in our company

This Innovative machine is constructed based on our long experience
Machine for cleaning DPF filters

Machine for cleaning DPF filters

Polish innovative machine for regeneration of a wide range of particulate filters DPF / FAP / SCR / CAT installed in the exhaust systems of passenger cars, trucks, buses as well as construction, agricultural and industrial machines.

the whole device and plant are made of stainless steel grade 316
the largest filtration surface of all machines available on the market
check valves for water of our own design that ensure the largest water flow on the market
properly selected diameters of the water and air systems
monitoring the pressure of the washing water to protect the filter cartridge
thermal insulation of a water tank aimed at reducing electricity expenses

Cleaning of DPF filters

We offer the most modern technology for the regeneration of particulate filters DPF / FAP / SCR / CAT in passenger cars, trucks, buses as well as construction, agricultural and industrial machines.

Our cleaning method guarantees removal of 99% of contamination from soot, ash, engine oil and refrigerant fluid, and remains safe for the core filter element itself.


12-month warranty
without limit of kilometers

Did you know that...

A contaminated filter can even lead to engine damage?

A clean filter means lower maintenance costs, fuel savings, increased efficiency and the power of the car!

Did you know that...

Our cleaning process

In the first stage, using an endoscopic camera, the filter is checked for mechanical damage. In case of detecting  cracks, melted ceramic inserts or visible traces of mechanical interference in the DPF, it will not be possible to regenerate the filter. In such case, we will not charge a fee for the inspection

We use environmentally friendly detergents that are safe for the catalytic filter cartridge. The whole process takes place in a closed circuit, thanks to the largest filtration system on the market, it is safe for the natural environment and does not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere.

The first stage consists in assembling the filter in the device to examine the backpressure
The second stage is the water cleaning procedure
The last stage consists in drying at a temperature above 120 degrees
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